TA100C is designed for small/home office for time & attendance record. Easy to use and durable for longer use.



Fingertec TA100C Time & Attendance Biometric Scanner

Move to the modern era of workforce time attendance with the sleek Fingertec TA100C biometric device. With a systematic method of data collection, all your employee will have to is to just scan their fingerprint on the device and presto!

Your attendance record for the day has been taken care of. TA100C provides your company eith accurate data at all times, providing not only total convenience but also workforce effectiveness for your business operation.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

The weakness with the clock-in card system is that ‘buddy punching’ can occur where one employee can clock in the time for another employee if any of them are late. Eliminate this occurrence by using the unique per-individual fingerprint as a clock-in card!


Let your staff experience more independence by reporting their whereabouts via our workcodes feature.

Easy Data Management

All you need is a USB flash disk to transfer transaction logs to your computer. It is that easy!

Short Message Display

Alert your staff by personalizing a short message to be displayed at the terminal when they verify.

Manage Your Data Easily

Administration is easy with the bundled software! FingerTec’s TCMS software allows you to generate reports, monitor attendance and integrate FingerTec with a third party system.

User-Friendly Icons

Complete with configuration icons, the interface in TA100C couldn’t be more user-friendly.

Full Colour Screen

This model comes with a full colour TFT screen. Display pictures corporate advertisements, screen savers and much more on the colour screen of the terminals.

Value for Money

This model was designed to be economical so that you are able to implement FingerTec solutions at a lower cost. We believe that when it comes to security, there should be no compromise.


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